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    Vanessa Beeley on Syrian War Propaganda, The Veto, and War Crimes

    21st Century Wire Executive Editor and Founder Patrick Henningsen interviews journalist Vanessa Beeley on the Sunday Wire podcast.  The audio excerpts in the above video are from the March 31, 2019 episode on the war in Syria, the White Helmets, and film that Ms. Beeley has made with Rafiq Lutf called The Veto: Exposing CNN, Al Jazeera, Channel 4, Western Media Propaganda War in Syria.  Ms. Beeley raises the point that many children who have been filmed with the White Helmets are still missing, and that an independent inquiry which investigates the testimony against the White Helmets into the possibility of them facilitating organ harvesting should be launched.   Additionally, Ms. Beeley talks about the increased militarization of emergency rescue operations and first response units, the White Helmets as a “global franchise,” and implications of the collapse and exposition of the White Helmet construct, namely how such an exposition would undermine the validity of those institutions that have called for the war against Syria.  Lastly, Mr. Henningsen and Ms. Beeley speak about the lack of accountability by western media news networks to own up to their lies, cover-ups, and omissions regarding their reporting on the lead up to the war in Syria.   

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