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    Carl Sagan, Alan Watts, and Martin Luther King, Jr. MP3s

                     In periods of historic enlightenment and revolution, a key factor for successful progress was spreading the word of those who proposed solutions to the most severe problems afflicting humanity and the world.  Carl Sagan, Alan Watts, and Martin Luther King, Jr. are three men who did exactly that, and I believe that is important for one to listen to what they had to say in order to galvanize a process of brainstorming and action amongst those who care to make the world a better place.  Divided Core is finally doing something useful by embarking on a project to distribute the word of these three wise men (and others, including women, to come) via MP3 discs.  The discs are audio files of Martin Luther King (Speeches and Sermons), Alan Watts (a series of lectures entitled Out of Your Mind), and Carl Sagan (the Cosmos series). If you want them, please let me know and I’ll send them to you (I can’t promise soon, but eventually, I will do it.  Contact:  I’ll also try to figure out how to post these files as downloadable files on my blog.  Thanks. 


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