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    The Arrest of Julian Assange, Show Trials, and the Road to Totalitarianism  

    Embedded in the video below are snippets from two podcast episodes which explore the case of Julian Assange: the April 11, 2019 Liberty Report and the April 7, 2019 Sunday Wire.   In the Liberty Report, Daniel McAdams and Dr. Ron Paul discuss the ways they anticipate that U.S government will be gunning for Assange in the expected “show trail” that will follow his arrest.  They remind listeners of the importance of the First Amendment and speaking up against the state while you still can.  In the Sunday Wire, host Patrick Henningsen interviews the Editor-in-Chief of Consortium News, Joe Lauria.  Though this interview took place several days before the arrest of Assange, Lauria gives a thorough breakdown of Assange’s legal dilemma and reviews the series of events that have led up this predicament.  Lauria states:

    The vast majority of the public is not plugged into this story – if they understood simple principle here: that Assange is on their side, not on the side of the state.  He’s on the side of the people knowing what people in the state are doing secretly that are criminal activities, corruption, and certainly hurts the interest of the vast majority of the American people. He’s doing the job journalism is supposed to do, which is to defend the people against government malfeasance, and mispractice, and crimes, and corruption.  The establishment media is not doing nearly a good enough job exposing that because they have become succumbed to partisan point of views which they’re not supposed to have as journalists – they’re supposed to be independent and protect the people against the government and they’re not doing that. Assange is doing that.  Somehow the people have to be made to understand that, and they could come forward and defend him and put pressure on governments. 

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